New Autumn Mix!

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Yes it’s Autumn ok, the summer is over.. but I still feel like dancing and enjoying every sunny moment out there among the orange and yellow colored leaves.. let’s celebrate the start of this beautiful season with some funky grooves! Here’s a short but sweet mix of mine combining Nu-Disco, Funky House, Afro Bass & Tropical Beats into a potent 20 minutes of dancefloor pleasure, enjoy!

Favorite album of the moment

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Beating Heart – Malawi. Yes this is one of thos albums I want to put in the spotlight because it’s truly special and has a strong concept.
In this case it’s traditional music from Malawi that is interpreted by DJ’s/ producers from around the world all at the top of their game. They bring the often haunting, powerful and ancient sounding Malawian sound to the global dancefloors of today by infusing it with bold but sophisticated electronic music elements. The money made by the sale of the album goes straight back into the communities where the music is taken from so it feels like a truly balanced and respectful project. And this is reflected in the music. The idea of an album like this is not particularly new or revolutionary.. but everything just seems to work here beyond “noble intensions.” the music is fresh and exciting, the production is top notch the artwork is juicy and through the pr we get a true sense of Malawi and the birth of this project. Well done!

Socrates & de Graaf

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We’ve actually been playing & doing gigs together for a year already.. But this season we’ve taken it to a new level.. I build a groove-tale with dub tracks, funky electronica, a dash of D&B and a generous hand full of Afro- Latin, Tropical & Indian flavours. Arjen de Graaf adds his soulful and swirling violin to the mix improvising and completing the musical journey. First we’ve mastered the lounge vibe and now we’ve taking our spicy brew to the dancefloors.. next stop: Festival Karavaan in Alkmaar!

Sundrenched new mix

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Hey there!
Yes it’s time for a fresh mixtape. This time around I was inspired by the Greek party band Imam Baildi who played at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. I did a warm up set before the concert which resulted in this Mediterranean brew of Balkan sounds, Swing, Surf, Greek Folk, Hip Hop & dash of psychedelia. Laid back & energising at the same time, enjoy!

Festival Time again!

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I love this time of year! Playing for people at festivals is one of the most rewarding fun things to do in this job.. people dancing outside in sun, the freedom to move around.. the air of excitement and lots of happenings in the air. So come and find me at the festival Karavaan where I’ll be performing with fiddle player Arjen de Graaf. Or at the brand new theaterfest Festivlam, or come and dance to my set at Zwarte Cross Festival, or join me during Kingsday when I’ll be performing with the excellent Bombascha crew at The NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam, or… check my gigs for more juicy events coming up!

Springtime Dub

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Yes it’s time for some optimistic Springtime music! Dub is a sound that can be dark, brooding, hollow, minimalist… weird.. But it can also be warm, trippy, exciting, melodic and dance-able.. And yes you already guessed it probably, I Iike the latter ;-) So enjoy this upbeat springtime downtempo trip around the world.. carpe diem dub!

Tropical Feast!

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Fresh party with the Rusty Beat Club collective coming up soon! I’ve invited DJ Basura from the infamous Bombascha circus to join us this time and we’re laying down our sunny grooves after a concert by the exciting Kobo Town (Trinidad/ Canda). Time for an early spring party at RASA March 12!

Flashback to Sixties

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They’ll be showing the nostalgic & Outrageous pirate radio movie “The Boat that Rocked” at my favorite coffee place in Amsterdam: “de Jonge Admiraal.” A coffee place it is.. but it’s more than that, they have good beers, cocktails, parties, live music & excellent food as well. At times in the weekend in the evening hours it feels more like an alternative mini club. Exactly the kind of funky yet cosy setting in which I like to revisit the sound of the Sixties and so I will, because they asked me to play a dancefloor set after the movie! Time for some wonderful English freakbeat, mod, soul blues & raw funk. Think of the Small Faces, the Kinks, Traffic, the Yardbirds & The meters & Taj Mahal.

Socrates back at IFFR

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Rotterdam is my home town, it’s where I grew up. I love it, I hate it. It can be harsh ugly & depressing place.. or a warm and funky city with a no-nonsens attitude, bursting with fresh energy.. The latter is definitely the case during the International Film Festival. So I always like to be involved in it one way or another and I have been for the past 10 years or so. This year I’m back at my favorite Film theater Cinerama for a DJ set on the 1st day of February. I always feel welcome here and they give me the freedom to play wathever I like basically:-) Starting at 20.30; IFFR 2016 here I come!

Interview @ Writers Unlimited Festival

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I love to have a real conversation without the need to be young fast and shocking in about 30 seconds.. So when I was invited by Wijbrand Schaap of the Cultuur Persbureau to have a chat for his live streaming report of the Writers Unlimited festival 2016, without any conditions or time limitations; I was happy to be part of it. And watching it now; I realise it’s a nice Socrates-introduction.. so If you’re wondering about the name, or my drive as DJ.. it’s all in here ;-) Mind you the interview is in Dutch. Enjoy!