Afro Jumble!

Yes we got a fresh Rusty Beat Club party coming up! It’s going to be the last one at Rasa, which is sad.. Rasa is closing: no more money from the governement for so called “world music” at his legendary venue this year. But I’m not in a complaining mood and lets face it, it’s no surprise the way things have been going lately in Holland for culture and music. All the more reason to truly celebrate when there is a opportunity to do so and make the music shine! So we’ve got a great DJ line up planned some great decorations and we are going to party! Expect lots of hot Afro Funk, Latin psychedelia and hypnotizing Tropical vibes, Afro Jumble! And to make things even better we’ll be doing our thing after a concert by the great Afro Funk band that started in the 70′s in Benin, Orchestre Poly Rythmo!

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