Summer shoot

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During a gig at the Badcuyp Jazz club, where I was about to play an Afro Beat set I was spontaneously asked by photographer “Arash Amsterdam” to pose for his camera. It was a hot summer day and it was one of the last nights at the club before it would be shut down. He used an old school analog camera and made use of the natural light.. No-nonsense, he had a few ideas we played around and in a couple of minutes he was done.. maybe the most fun & relaxed photo shoot experience I’ve had.
Check out his work here: Arash Amsterdam.

Frech party mix

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HOT Moustache by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

Made fresh mix for the weekly DJ radio show “Solta a Franga” broadcasted at the Concertzender. Summer party mix of Reggae, Punk, Dub, Rap, Rai, Ska & Folk. Enjoy!

Grooving in the park

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Impression of a true feelgood gig. Spinning back-to-back with my buddy LedjMette as we presented Rusty Beat Club at Houtfestival 2015 in Haarlem. We played Afro Funk uptempo Latin, soukous & bollywood till sundown. We had a great audience that were happy to keep on dancing till the last beat!

Rusty grooves in Haarlemmerhout

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Another good Rusty Beat Club gig coming up! I’ll be playing a number of sets with my pal LedjMette of Rusty Beat Club at the friendly and always colourful Houtfestival in Haarlem. Lots of quality bands from around the world will perform here. We’ll be playing a couple of festive sets at the silent disco and after that another dancefloor set with “live” sound! So plenty of time to play some really spicy stuff :-) Come and join the party, free enterance and it takes place in a beautiful park too!

Festival Time!

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Yes I like this period.. Surprise festival gigs popping up like the springtime flowers :-) Some cool ones I always wanted to be part of (Houtfestival, Over het IJ Festival), some very welcome returning bookings (Afro C. Festival) and some really promising ones I have to admit, I had not heard of yet. Festival “de Beschaving” (the civilization) is one of those.. totally new to me but it can hardly go wrong with a spicy line up and taking place in the beautiful botanical gardens of Utrecht. On top of that I’m playing in the camp of Bombascha. A circus style bunch of free thinking adventurers, providing great food, organic cider and creating party vibes with half a dozen of vintage fire brigade wagons at the heart of their set-up. Likely I’ll be DJ-ing standing inside or on top of one of them on June the 27th!

Socrates @ Open Air

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Had fun today playing at the Open Air.. Not really my kind of festival I have to admit. But being there with the guys of Radio Noet Noet made all the difference.. they had a laid back space on a little island area next to the lake of the Beautiful Gaasperplas park on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Ethnic Dub, Tropical Latin sounds & Afro grooves, is what I contributed to the late afternoon sunshine vibes there.

Rusty Beat Club @ CoX Amsterdam

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Back in action this Friday at a party hosted by DJ/ VJ collective Rusty Beat Club! Last month we did our first night there with great succes. This weekend we present our most diverse concept there “Hot Melting Pot” bringing together all our favorite dancefloor ingredients: Cumbia, Merengue, Funk, Afro grooves, Zydeco, Rocksteady, Dub & Ska. A true feelgood night guaranteed!

Serenade of Secrets

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Serenade of Secrets by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

My latest mix! A slow and sensual one this time, chill out, make love, or dance slowly.. trippy spicy stufff.. glass of red wine and a relaxed state of mind required.. tune in, relax and float downstream.. into the serenade of secrets..

Sensual Downtempo vibes

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Coming up: a spicy Radio broadcast. A fresh Socrates mix, but not a full on dancefloor set this time.. although you could still dance to this one, slowly & sensually that is. In the mood for deep, earthy and sultry grooves? Tune in on the first of May to hear me at the weekly DJ radio show Solta A Franga at Concertzender Nederland. Live broadcast 11pm till midnight.

Kingsday at Pllek

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I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan of Kingday.. except for the tradition of children selling random things sitting in the street in the sunshine..I like that. But the noisy, drunken vibes later in the day are not for me and I don’t even like the King. That said I’m very glad I’m involved in the NDSM Vrijhaven event in Amsterdam that day and that I’ll be playing an early set at Pllek.. a place which has a very laid back and friendly vibe at the waterside, even during Kingsday ;-) It’s seems there’s a seperate party going on there totally different from the rest.. exotic, eclectic music, good food, Last year I had a great dancefloor here. This year I’ll play a set from 14.00 till 15.30 and then another 1 hour set at the ferry between NDSM and Central station starting at 16.00.