Tweetakt Festival Utrecht

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Two gigs this year at Tweetakt Festival. Located at Neude square in the heart of Utrecht the festival looks like a fort from the outside.. lots of wooden buildings set in regtangular arrangement. Laid back vibe inside the smell of woodfire and lots of cheerful people. Played a smashing solo set on the 11 op April. Ska appeared to be a great succes here, took it to an orgasmic intensity and they still wanted more! So you can imagine I look forward to be back here April 18! A b2b set this time with Tommi Benders & his Moksi Boom Boom Tropical vintage dance night. I’m sure this will be another great night!

Rusty Beat Club fiesta @ Liberation Day

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I’ll join Rusty Beat Club on Liberation day during “Het Vrije Westen” Festival in Westerpark. A big happening in Amsterdam and we’ll be hosting a whole stage that day!
We’ve invited some of our favortite DJ’s to come play.. Alex Figueira of Vintage Voudou is bringing some excellent live musicians, such as Gerardo Rosales as well to add to his raw tropical DJ set.. Later on there’ll be Swing dancers and  a big band for desert.  I’ll be spinning an early set with my buddy le”dj”Mette at noon. But we’ll be rocking the place from the start with upbeat Funky Latin vibes. Look forward to it!

Socrates @ PLLEK

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Spinning at Pllek this Saturdaynight, a funky venue ovelooking the river “IJ.” Beach-club style vibes with a beautiful skyline view of Amsterdam. I’ll start at 8pm and will continue till late at night! In the mood for feelgood springtime dancefloor fillers!
Join party through the FB event.

spinning @ Paradiso

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Played a deep Blues/Dub/Afro fueled warm-up set for a concert by Desert Rock band Tinariwen.. Afterwards I played an upbeat French Reggae, Mestizo & RAI set for the dancefloor.. Good fun and very special feeling to be spinning in this legendary Amsterdam venue which once was a church and evolved into a music temple in the late sixties.
For a full photo report go to my Flickr page.

Road Trip mixtape

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Rise & Shine Campers by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

Just made a new mix for the radio show Solta a Franga.. This time it’s a soundtrack for being on the road.. eclectic, groovy, warm. Ska, hot jazz, triphop new orleans jazz, soulful funk & some cumbia & swing. Inspired by a backpacking adventure through the states a few years back. Enjoy!

supporting Tinariwen @ Paradiso

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Very excited about this gig! I’ve been a fan of these desert blues rockers from the Malian desert for a while.. Their mesmerizing deep grooves, earthy bass lines and juicy electric guitar riffs have an almost instantly hypnotizing effect. Never had the chance to experience them live though. But now I’ll be there to support their concert at the infamous Paradiso venue in Amsterdam with a set before and after! An opportunity to play trance inducing beats from the North of Africa as well as from artists & era’s from the past that have influenced them, like John Lee Hooker and the psychedelic electric blues from the the late 60′s.
Join the trip Tuesday March 4 at Paradiso!

Festive Photo Expo

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A vibrant, festive, life loving photo expo by Joke Schut at Lungo in Rotterdam. A party to celebrate the opening and I’ll be providing the bon vivant grooves. Expect an otherworldly atmosphere & exotic food & drinks by Lungo and Larousa.

Minirg’s portable super speaker

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Got a new gadget which I’m excited about! Let me tell you why.

I’m on the road a lot. So I often have to prep my sets beyond the comfortable setting of my home. Preparing in my case means selecting tracks, listening, mixing & fooling around with ideas to get in the mood for the upcoming gig. Most of the time my main tool is my laptop with Traktor DJ software. I then listen to my music either over my macbook speakers or my Technics RP-DH1200 headphones. The first option off course sucks. The 2nd is fine except it does become tiring after a while constantly having the pressure of headphones on your ears.

So for a while I’ve been looking for a good, reasonably loud, well build portable speaker. And I’m happy to say, I found it! Continue reading

Warm Winternight

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Had a great time spinning at the Friday night of the Writers Unlimited Festival in the Hague. Played a set of French Electro flavoured swing, Tropical Bass, some irresistible grooves from the Balkans and surely that did the trick. Hope to be back next year!

Winter mixtape

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Swingin’ Solstice – the Best of 2013! by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

Hey there, yes I have a new mixtape! It has many of my favorite tracks of 2013 in it. Juicy Cumbia, rousing Balkan grooves.. even a swing-dubstep moment and hot Tropical Funky Bass! Stick it on and dance clean up your house or just tap along with your feet while working, or chilling out. May it bring some sunshine and a smile on your face!