Tropical night at Roest

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Back at one of my favorite places this weekend. Playing at Amsterdam Roest and bringing lots of new vinyl I bought the past few weeks.. enough for a diverse Afro Latin set.. Heavy funky Afro Beat, but also feelgood Caribbean sounds from Haiti & early Studio One Dancehall and Rocksteady. Deep Afro from (Orlando Julius new record, wow!). Forget about the cold days of Winter let’s have some tropical fun!

an epic Dub Journey

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DuB Odyssey by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

My Dub fueled new mix for the French label “Libre comme Lair” is now on mixcloud for your listening pleasure.. Good to play this one while traveling on a train on a sunny day or at home cooking, or to warm up for a party or.. just play it and decide for yourself. Oh and check out LCL net label where I got all this great music they offer their entire catalogue free of charge. Downloads of all tracks available in good quality 320 kbs MP3!

Libre Comme Lair Mixtape

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Honored to have been asked by the French dub label LCL, to make a mixtape based on music form their catalog.
Found some beautiful tracks in there.. spacey psychedelic dub, sensual dub, ethnic dub, cheerful dub, rousing dub.. I put my favorites together in epic dub journey which will broadcasted on the weekly radio show Solta a Franga at the Concertzender on November 28.. After the live broadcast it will be available for on demand listening on the same page.

Autumn Rusty Beat Club mixtape

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Yes there we go! A Fresh Rusty Beat Club mixtape, For our “HOBO BEATS” concept. Music inspired by the free spirited Hobo’s, adventurers traveling by train to nowhere in particular. The waves of sea rolling in, the groove slowly building from the roots, Country Folk, Zydeco, Soul Funk & raw street-smart Afro!

Live set at Shoeless

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Shoeless Festival – DJ Socrates Live by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

Curious what a DJ Socrates set sounds like live? Well it’s something different every time.. but this recording of part of my set at Shoeless Festival gives a nice impression of the kind of vibe I like to build. Recorded in the tea garden of Theo one of the colourful people at the legendary artist colony Ruigoord in Amsterdam where the festival took place.

Spaghetti Orgy

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Spaghetti Orgy by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

Made a new mix for the weekly radio show Solta A Franga at Concertzender Radio. This time inspired by classic spaghetti westerns and Ennio Morricone soundtracks. But I’m not the kind of guy to make a typical concept mix, which in this case would probably result in lots of italian soundtrack gems. To get idea of what this mix is like imagine tripping on a hot sunny day near the border of mexico,  meeting a pretty country girl having an encounter with a French circus and a bunch of drifters from spain. From there on things only get weirder as you end up in a wild west saloon full of Serbian cowboys and when you quickly get out through the backdoor you find yourself in the middle of a celtic banjo fueled country dance. When you’ve danced through that episode you’re happy to get on the train which turns out to be packed with bankers carrying large suitcase of cash, drinking champagne and enjoying shrimp cocktails.. Pff what a trip!

New Video: Socrates @ Oerol 2014

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Great thanks to Roberta Petzoldt for putting together this short & sweet video impression of 2 gigs I did at Oerol Festival There were some great dancers on the floor and a good crowd in general in for lots of different grooves. One of the highlights for me this year.

Fit as a Fiddle

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Every now and then the opportunity arises to collaborate with a live musician. I don’t actively look for it but if  things come together in a natural way.. to me that means it’s  meant to be :-) Jamming with classically trained violinist Arjen de Graaf at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam was one of those fun & spontaneous collaborations. Dub, Indian vibes & spicy electronica fused together quite well with Arjens haunting sound. Inspiring for the both of us so good chance we’ll be doing it again!

Summer of Love

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Playing at the mini festival “Summer of Love” organised by Natural Yoga on August 23! Live Music, DJ’s workshops, storytelling, good food, dancers it’s all there! At PLLEK on the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. Hope to see you there!

Reggae party – Socrates style

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Bon Vivant Skank by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

I’ve been wanting to make a mix in this style and with this vibe for a while. Reggae has always been one of my favorite genres but definitely not all reggae, a lot of today is aggressive, obnoxiously loud in it’s production, unoriginal or just simply boring and bland. So this is reggae the way I like it.. Exotic & original, energetic & rebellious or deep and sensual. Hopeful & sunny, melodious, dynamic. & catchy. Over the years I’ve collected good reggae grooves from all over the world so in this mix you’ll find reggae from Brasil, France, Colombia, Sierra Leone, Germany, Italy, Spain the UK and off course Jamaica can’t be left out. The mix itself is made to be played loud in the car on a road trip, to start up your day or to play during a garden party.. whichever way you’ll play this.. I hope you enjoy these feelgood summer grooves: a reggae party in Socrates style!