New Video: Socrates @ Oerol 2014

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Great thanks to Roberta Petzoldt for putting together this short & sweet video impression of 2 gigs I did at Oerol Festival There were some great dancers on the floor and a good crowd in general in for lots of different grooves. One of the highlights for me this year.

Fit as a Fiddle

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Every now and then the opportunity arises to collaborate with a live musician. I don’t actively look for it but if  things come together in a natural way.. to me that means it’s  meant to be :-) Jamming with classically trained violinist Arjen de Graaf at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam was one of those fun & spontaneous collaborations. Dub, Indian vibes & spicy electronica fused together quite well with Arjens haunting sound. Inspiring for the both of us so good chance we’ll be doing it again!

Summer of Love

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Playing at the mini festival “Summer of Love” organised by Natural Yoga on August 23! Live Music, DJ’s workshops, storytelling, good food, dancers it’s all there! At PLLEK on the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. Hope to see you there!

Reggae party – Socrates style

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Bon Vivant Skank by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

I’ve been wanting to make a mix in this style and with this vibe for a while. Reggae has always been one of my favorite genres but definitely not all reggae, a lot of today is aggressive, obnoxiously loud in it’s production, unoriginal or just simply boring and bland. So this is reggae the way I like it.. Exotic & original, energetic & rebellious or deep and sensual. Hopeful & sunny, melodious, dynamic. & catchy. Over the years I’ve collected good reggae grooves from all over the world so in this mix you’ll find reggae from Brasil, France, Colombia, Sierra Leone, Germany, Italy, Spain the UK and off course Jamaica can’t be left out. The mix itself is made to be played loud in the car on a road trip, to start up your day or to play during a garden party.. whichever way you’ll play this.. I hope you enjoy these feelgood summer grooves: a reggae party in Socrates style!

Socrates @ OEROL!

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Yes! One o my most exciting summer gigs this year! Playing at the infamous theatre, music & arts festival Oerol on the dutch isle Terschelling. Two days, June Friday 13 (oh-oh) & Saturday 14. Longs sets so lots of time to play stuff from all my favorite musical genres :-) Plenty of friends coming along too, ready to dance their socks off! Really look forward to this one.

Spring mixtape

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Jungle Rollercoaster by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

My new mix: a sun drenched funky trip with Latin, Swing, Funk a dash of Balkan brass & some full on Tropical Bass!

Socrates spicing up Kingsday

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Had great fun playing at PLLEK on the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam during Kingsday.. A good spot for some alternative Kingsday grooves.. Afro Latin, Gypsy, Topical Bass and a few sips of single malt from my hip flask did the trick.

new mix for Concert Radio

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Made a fresh mix for the weekly DJ Radio show “Solta a Franga” broadcasted at the Concert Radio in Holland..
You can tune in Friday May 2, or listen to on-demand after the live broadcast on the this page:

Socrates @ Kimchi – Red Light Radio

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A while back I made an appearance at the weekly Kimchi show at Red Light Radio with my buddy le”dj”Mette for a Rusty Beat Club-set. That was so much fun that I was happy to do it again, this time a Live b2b set with Kimchi’s host, also an excellent DJ & renegade Beer brewer, Rick Nelson. It was a laid back afternoon as you can hear listening to the mellow introduction by Rick, at the beginning. We got together and just let the music takes us away.. It turned into a nice feelgood trip with lots afro beat, cumbia, merengue, salsa funk & even some Cajun vibes. You can now listen to it here on Soundcloud. Enjoy the show!

Tweetakt Festival Utrecht

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Two gigs this year at Tweetakt Festival. Located at Neude square in the heart of Utrecht the festival looks like a fort from the outside.. lots of wooden buildings set in regtangular arrangement. Laid back vibe inside the smell of woodfire and lots of cheerful people. Played a smashing solo set on the 11 op April. Ska appeared to be a great succes here, took it to an orgasmic intensity and they still wanted more! So you can imagine I look forward to be back here April 18! A b2b set this time with Tommi Benders & his Moksi Boom Boom Tropical vintage dance night. I’m sure this will be another great night!